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"High quality research for a very worthy cause. I've been lucky enough to witness both field and lab work in action, and it's rewarding to see such dedication towards a much-needed avenue of investigation. On top of that it has a focus on involvement and skill development of local team members. Seeking Survivors deserves a strong future, and I look forward to seeing it flourish." - G. Winstanley

“It is a great honor for me to be part of the Seeking Survivors team. In the field trips, the work is intense and strong, but it is overcome thanks to the nice atmosphere that is generated thanks to the work team, between jokes and laughter. Each tour is a great experience both scientific and personal. We share both with local Cuajiniquil people, nice and warm people, and park rangers who support and collaborate with us. I can say with certainty that on every tour of Seeking Survivors you work hard, you learn a lot and you enjoy yourself too much.” - T. Villalobos

“It would be an understatement to say that the week in Costa Rica, with Caroline Palmer and team, changed my life.  Through the opportunity to be a volunteer on the Seeking Survivors team I was able to live in deep connection with the corals and all forms of life living beneath the surface of the ocean.  Caroline’s leadership of of the group was awe-inspiring .  She is extremely tough, tenacious and organized to make sure that we performed the research required.  Caroline is the first one in the water, the first one free diving to sample and tag the corals.  I realized what my true calling and potential in life really is through my interactions with Caroline.  I admire the sense of urgency , and the required patience and determination it must take to pursue the path to improve coral health.  I also admire Caroline’s ability to think long term and remain dedicated to a goal that may take years to achieve.  Now I know that I belong in the water, diving, contributing to a great team, promoting science and conservation.  Nothing I have ever done gave me such a natural high, adrenaline and feeling of peace all at the same time.  Caroline is the centerpiece of energy that keeps everyone motivated and on task to Achieve that which many feel is unachievable.” - T. Patel

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Seeking Survivors is a conservation charity passionate about protecting our environment. We use science and community to conserve species and ecosystems, like coral reefs. We need to act together and we need to act now.


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